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    • Hope for Every Heart Ministries is about transforming Communities

      For us, it’s all about God and people. Going to locations no one wants to go, such as Uganda’s most remote rural communities, in order to improve their living conditions.

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      Your $50.00 monthly donation can give 50 people clean water forever! 100% funds water projects.

    • The journey to end poverty in any community for good, begins with a educating a child

      A lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for a child, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their children and communities.

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Story About the Children

The impact of poverty on education in Uganda remains one of the biggest challenges. A lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for a child, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their children and communities. The teenage pregnancy rate of 25% in Uganda is worrying due to lack of education, high prevalence of poverty, lack of school fees, peer pressure, forced marriage, which normally results into deaths

At an early age of between 15-17 parents force their girls to get married due to poverty which causes lack of school fees. When there’s a man who can give them a few goats and some little money for survival they sell their girls away without thinking about their children’s future and the repercussions of early marriage. Wonderfuly who miss the opportunity to go to school end up resulting into thieves, rapists, violent fathers and husbands which in return affects their children and their communities.

At Hope for Every Heart, we know that the best gift you can ever give to your child is education, anyone who takes a child to school does the greatest investment of life. We want to see these children after a few years with a smile on their faces because they have achieved their dreams and have become responsible citizens of this country and the world at large. If you are there and you have always wanted to become a world changer here is an opportunity to sponsor a child because these children are going to change the world.

Please sponsor a child

Join Hope for every Heart so that we can give these children hope for a future.

Sylvester WanderaSPONSOR ME 

Sylvester's journey mirrors that of his cousin Whitney, yet his path is marked by the tragedy of losing his parents […]

Namuju WhitneySPONSOR ME 

Whitney's story is one of resilience amidst adversity. Left in the care of her grandmother after her father's passing and […]

Ssembatya RonaldSPONSOR ME 

Ronald lives with his mother and nine siblings in Bujuuta C. His mother, despite working odd jobs, struggles to provide […]

Andrew SsemwangaSPONSOR ME 

Andrew resides with his mother and nine siblings in Bujuuta C. Their mother, facing the challenge of providing for the […]

Nakalule ClaireSPONSOR ME 

Claire, along with her brother Philip, is under the guardianship of their grandmother in Bulyankulege due to their father's mental […]

Phillip KimugaSPONSOR ME 

Phillip and his sister are cared for by their grandmother in Bulyankulege. Their father, battling mental illness, entrusted them to […]

Ethan KimeraSPONSOR ME 

Ethan's upbringing is marked by the absence of his father, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence. He lives alone […]

Kisakye PromiseSPONSOR ME 

Promise's story echoes that of her sister, Shania, as they navigate the complexities of childhood under the care of their […]

Namusubo ShaniaSPONSOR ME 

Shania's upbringing is marked by abandonment and uncertainty. Left in the care of her grandmother, she and her sister face […]

Kawanguzi WilsonSPONSOR ME 

Wilson's story echoes the struggles of his brother George, albeit without the burden of a debilitating heart condition. Despite this […]

Kawanguzi GeorgeSPONSOR ME 

George's plight is a testament to the relentless grip of illness on families already burdened by financial strain. Despite having […]

Kakonge EnochSPONSOR ME 

Enoch's story mirrors that of Leticia, entangled in the same web of adversity. Amidst a household marred by his mother's […]


Enoch Paul, a 4-year-old boy stays with his mentally ill mother and his 5 other siblings.

Kassule LeticiaSPONSOR ME 

Leticia, just six years old, lives with her mother and four siblings.

Namiti AlafaSPONSOR ME 

Alafa walks a parallel path to his brother Jordan, navigating childhood without the guiding hand of a father after their […]

Mukungu JordanSPONSOR ME 

In the tender years of Jordan's life, shadows of loss loom large, cast by the absence of a father who […]

Nakiyanja CatherineSPONSOR ME 

Catherine's family faces adversity as her grandmother's health declines, and her father is immobilized by a recent accident, leaving her […]

Timothy WanderaSPONSOR ME 

In the dimly lit corners of their modest home, Timothy, a young boy navigating the complexities of adolescence, finds himself […]

Wamala AbbySPONSOR ME 

Abby grapples with the absence of her father, finding solace in the care of her devoted mother.

Babirye NakitendaSPONSOR ME 

Babirye Nakitenda shares the challenges of single parenthood with her twin sister and devoted mother after their father's departure, leaving […]

Nyakato NalweyisoSPONSOR ME 

Nyakato and her twin sister find solace in the unwavering love of their single mother, a resilient soul who navigates […]

Naburya AngelSPONSOR ME 

Angel was abandoned by her father, leaving her and her single mother to navigate life's uncertainties alone.

Lubowa FrankSPONSOR ME 

Frank's early years were marked by abandonment, as he was left without the presence of his father. However, he finds […]

Namutebi GiftSPONSOR ME 

In the tender embrace of her grandfather's care, Gift, orphaned by the cruel hand of fate, navigates the complexities of […]


Ivan Wako's young life has been marked by the profound loss of his parents, leaving him and his older brother […]

Bamulanzeki EdgarSPONSOR ME 

Edgar's life has been shaped by the loss of his parents, leaving him and his brother in the care of […]

Benjamin SiminyuSPONSOR ME 

Benjamin and his single mother navigate life's challenges in the wake of their shared loss—the passing of Benjamin's father. Their […]

Mirembe JaneSPONSOR ME 

Jane and her single mother navigate life's trials in the aftermath of a heart-wrenching loss—the passing of Jane's father. Left […]

Nalukwago MercySPONSOR ME 

Mercy's life unfolds against a backdrop of loss and resilience, following the tragic accident that took her father's life. With […]

Nagayi MaritaSPONSOR ME 

Marita is a member of a single-parent household led by their mother, where she witnesses firsthand the sacrifices made to […]

Kasule PaulSPONSOR ME 

Paul is a resilient 9-year-old boy who resides in Bujuuta B with his single mother and two siblings. Their family's […]

Marion ChloeSPONSOR ME 

Marion Chloe is a resilient 8-year-old girl who resides with her grandmother and six siblings. Their family's story mirrors that […]

Kyagulanyi JordanSPONSOR ME 

Kyagulanyi Jordan, commonly known as Jordan, is an 8-year-old boy living in Bulyankulege with his grandmother and six siblings. Their […]

Babirye PamelaSPONSOR ME 

Babirye Pamela is a resilient 4-year-old girl living in Bulyankulege with her mother and twin sibling. Born into a family […]

Nakato AbigailSPONSOR ME 

Abigail Nakato lives with her mother, who has faced adversity throughout her life. As an orphan, Abigail's mother has navigated […]

Pretty KafukoSPONSOR ME 

Meet Pretty, a 3-year-old girl who shares a similar journey with her brother Owen. Raised by their single mother after […]

Owen KirandaSPONSOR ME 

Owen's life has been shaped by the absence of his father and the resilience of his mother. Left by his […]

Matovu JoelSPONSOR ME 

Joel's life is marked by the separation of his parents, leaving him in the care of his resilient mother. Despite […]

Amos WaitireSPONSOR ME 

Amos has faced significant challenges due to the absence of his parents. His mother abandoned him, and his father, who […]

Namugambye FatumaSPONSOR ME 

Fatuma's life has been marked by abandonment and uncertainty. Left by her mother, she now relies on her grandmother for […]

Nambudye JenipherSPONSOR ME 

Jenipher, a bright 5-year-old girl, childhood is marked by the absence of her father, who left the family, leaving her […]

Twaiba NamugereSPONSOR ME 

Twaiba, a resilient 12-year-old girl, shares a close bond with her twin sisters, Winnie and Rose, as they navigate life […]

Sharife WadhubaSPONSOR ME 

Sharife, a resilient 10-year-old boy, shares a special bond with his cousins, Winnie and Rose, the twin sisters. Their lives […]

Babirye RoseSPONSOR ME 

Babirye Rose, a gentle 9-year-old girl raised by her grandmother in the village of Bulyankulege, entwined with love and care […]

Nakato WinnieSPONSOR ME 

Meet Winnie, a 9-year-old girl whose upbringing is shaped by the love and care of her grandmother. With their father's […]

Byekwaso RahimSPONSOR ME 

Rahim, a resilient 6-year-old boy, resides in the village of Bulyankulege with his mother. She bravely shoulders the responsibility of […]

Murwana RonaldSPONSOR ME 

Ronald, a 14-year-old orphan, resides with his sibling under the care of their grandmother in a small village called Bulyankulege.

Mark KiraboSPONSOR ME 

Mark, a 13-year-old orphan, resides in Bulyankulege. Mark's parents passed away when he was very young, leaving him and his […]

Natukunda RajibaSPONSOR ME 

Rajiba, an 8-year-old girl, resides in Bujuuta B, Rajiba's father left before she was born, leaving her mother to raise […]

Odinga JasonSPONSOR ME 

Jason, a 5-year-old boy, resides in Kalabirwamu. Jason's family faces significant challenges due to his father's alcoholism, which drains their […]

Namazzi MiriamSPONSOR ME 

Miriam, a 10-year-old girl, resides in Kalabirwamu, Nyenga, Uganda.: Miriam's family faces significant challenges due to her father's alcoholism, which […]

Tifu SsegujaSPONSOR ME 

Tifu faces significant challenges as he is cared for by his sick grandmother, whose frailty limits her ability to provide […]

Etiang BrightonSPONSOR ME 

Etiang Brighton, a 5-year-old boy, faces significant challenges as he was abandoned by his father and is now raised by […]

Amuding BrendaSPONSOR ME 

Brenda faces significant challenges as she was abandoned by her father and raised by her mother amidst financial struggles. Challenges: […]

Okware BrianSPONSOR ME 

Brian's upbringing has been marred by the absence of his father, who left amid the financial strain caused by difficult […]

Bwire HenrySPONSOR ME 

Henry's childhood has been marked by the absence of his father, who left during his formative years. The resulting financial […]

Nabwire MargaretSPONSOR ME 

Margaret's life has been marked by the absence of her father, who left when she was just a child. His […]

Mwanje KennethSPONSOR ME 

Kenneth's childhood is marred by the weight of his family's hardships, with his mother's mental illness casting a long shadow […]

Namuju CatherineSPONSOR ME 

Catherine's childhood is overshadowed by her mother's mental illness, casting a shadow over her formative years. Trapped in the throes […]

Nakato MerishaSPONSOR ME 

Merisha comes from a family marked by hardship and adversity. She is one of eight children born to Janat, each […]

Babirye MarionSPONSOR ME 

Marion, a 12-year-old twin, resides with her single mother and seven siblings in the village of Bulyankulege. Two years ago, […]

Andrew ByantuyoSPONSOR ME 

Meet Andrew, an 8-year-old boy facing adversity beyond his years. Left orphaned by the loss of his father and abandoned […]

Adam SsebineneSPONSOR ME 

Adam experienced a significant lost when his father passed away, and his mother left him in the care of his […]

Mugenyi EstherSPONSORED 

Esther is aged 13 years and she is in primary five at Uganda Martyrs primary school. She is a very […]

Steven KyembaSPONSOR ME 

Steven has been under the care of his grandmother since the age of two, following the passing of his father. […]

Benjamin KutesaSPONSOR ME 

Benjamin faced abandonment at birth, left in the care of his grandmother who also cares for five other children.

Polline NalubegaSPONSOR ME 

Polline's family faces financial struggles despite having both parents present. Her father does not provide financial support, leaving the burden […]

Kizza MankatiSPONSOR ME 

Kizza's father, once the family's sole provider, fell ill, leaving behind 12 children to support. Formerly a gardener, he could […]

Calvin BahaneSPONSOR ME 

Calvin's life took a turn when he was left at his grandmother’s doorstep at the tender age of one. Raised […]


Allan is 6 years old and she is in top class at Uganda Martyrs primary school. He is a very […]

Wineeza EstherSPONSORED 

Esther is 5 years old and she is in primary one at Uganda Martyrs primary school. She wishes to be […]

Elijah NamanyaSPONSOR ME 

Elijah is looked after by his grandparents, who also care for seven other children. With both his father and mother […]

Derrick SserwaddaSPONSOR ME 

Derrick, a 7-year-old boy from Nyenga, Uganda, was created to shine. He lives with his grandmother in the small village […]

Nazirena MoreenSPONSORED 

Moreen is 8 years old and she was born on 14/04/2013. She is seventh born among the eight children who […]

Mbateeta DeborahSPONSORED 

Deborah is 6 years old and she has both parents who are peasants and live in grass thatched house in […]

Ainembabazi DeborahSPONSORED 

Deborah is a daughter to Mr. Mwebaze Jackson and Nuwashaba Hope. She is aged 6years and the second born in […]

Busingye AnnitahSPONSORED 

Annitah is 8 years old and she is Primary one class. She lost her parents and she stays with her […]

Waswa Emma & Kato IsaacSPONSORED 

How these lovely twins Emma and Isaac wish to start school soon, they are 3 years of age and they […]


She is called Maria and she is 8years and hasn’t started school. Her parents are farmers but Maria is willing […]

Words From our Kids

  • Allen is so thankful to the sponsorship, she is achieving to the betterment and success in life. But that isn’t how her journey started out. In the community where Allen lives, most families don’t have enough to eat
    and children often don’t have another meal and they also miss school due to lack of school fees. We know that girls and boys living in poverty often struggle to learn because they don’t have the support they need to do their best.

    May God bless you as you join Hope For Every Heart Ministries to change another child’ life like Allen.


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