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817-913-0394, info@hopeforeveryheart.com
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    • Hope for Every Heart Ministries is about transforming Communities

      For us, it’s all about God and people. Going to locations no one wants to go, such as Uganda’s most remote rural communities, in order to improve their living conditions.

    • With a $50 Donation, you can provide safe water to 50 people every month

      Your $50.00 monthly donation can give 50 people clean water forever! 100% funds water projects.

    • The journey to end poverty in any community for good, begins with a educating a child

      A lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for a child, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their children and communities.

    • Feed the Hungry

    • Days for Girls

    • Humanitarian Aid

    • Leadership Training

    • Mosquito Nets

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About Our Organization

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History About Us

Hope For Every Heart is an African based ministry whose focus is to better the lives of the most less privileged people of the rural Africa. It was founded by Steven Gashumba,who also grew up in deep villages of rural Uganda. Steven knows what it means to live without the basic necessities for everyday life. Growing up, things like food, clean water, shelter, health and education was very hard to come by.

He had 14 brothers and sisters; and he remembers how his mother used to serve food to all the 7 brothers on one big plate called” lusayina”. One had to eat as quickly as possible to have enough because having enough to eat was survival for the fittest.

Steven lost 5 of his siblings due to malaria, diarrhea and other water related diseases…

As a young boy, Steven was one of the privileged boys to attend school; however the school was 10 miles away, so he could walk 20 miles to and from school. At school, they nicknamed him a Luganda name”Lurira Mu’nyana” literally meaning a big cow feeding with the little ones because he was much older than all other children.
Steven also remembers the first time he wore the pair of shoes at the age of 18 but prior to that he walked everywhere deep in the jungle and also walking 20 miles of back and forth school with barefoot.

Some years ago as Steven was reflecting on his life, he was reminded of his background, lifestyle, early childhood, friends and community in rural Africa. He started to wonder and ask himself how he could help to better the lives of those he loved. He believed that what he went through growing up,was for a purpose. He saw it as a divine calling from God , because “all things work together for good”and therefore his life background is his ministry and calling from God.

Since then, Steven who only had seven classes of primary education, knew that he needed more education and leadership training to be able to finish his tasks and calling in ministry. And so,he joined in Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio, where he did his seminary training.

After his seminary training, he headed back to help his own people, through these different 5 ways;

1. Drilling Clean water wells.
Clean water is a big challenge and a threat to most remote communities in rural Uganda.

2. Sponsoring Children
Many children don’t go to school because their parents are not able to provide the necessities needed.

3. Training of Leaders
This is to equip and empower pastors and leaders with knowledge on how they can also transform their communities through God’s calling.

4.  Mosquito nets
 Malaria can cause many symptoms which may lead to kidney failure, mental confusion, coma and death. One way of fighting this is to provide mosquito nets to the people.

5. Humanitarian aid
Helping and also transforming lives to those who need help like widows, orphans and the less privileged.
In villages of Uganda, there is much survival to get these basic needs. At Hope For Every Heart, our goal is to give hope to the helpless children in villages of Africa by giving them clean water, education and medical care.


Our Values


We believe that conveying hope to people is more than just providing material things.


We believe that a hopeful heart is a thankful heart.


We believe that being sympathetic isn’t enough but compassion through action.


We believe that the highest level of a ministry is by loving, helping and serving people to the glory of the lord.


We believe that true wisdom derives from fearing God and loving people.


There is hope for all kinds of people




Enhancing hope to every heart through the fear of God



To establish hope in every hurting heart by providing essential needs and training their leaders

Our Board Members

President & Founder
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Board Member
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Chair of the Board

Our Team in Uganda

This Ugandan team is so empathetic, hardworking, efficient, trustworthy, so responsible and they will assist us in reaching out to these communities and changing their lives.. God Bless you all!

Director of Operations
Country Director

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