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    • Hope for Every Heart Ministries is about transforming Communities

      For us, it’s all about God and people. Going to locations no one wants to go, such as Uganda’s most remote rural communities, in order to improve their living conditions.

    • With a $50 Donation, you can provide safe water to 50 people every month

      Your $50.00 monthly donation can give 50 people clean water forever! 100% funds water projects.

    • The journey to end poverty in any community for good, begins with a educating a child

      A lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for a child, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their children and communities.

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Feed the Hungry

Uganda’s stay at home order to contain the spread of the novel corona-virus has left some urban residents fearful they will die of hunger rather than the virus.

Our Story

In Africa, like in any other continent, we have 3 categories of people, the high end, the middle class and the low income earners. Unfortunately there’s another class of people under this category who can’t even earn $1 a month, these go for days without food, they don’t have a roof over their heads, they sleep on the floors nothing to cover themselves with, no clothes to wear. These people survive by the mercies of well wishers.

They are mainly in ghettos and in slum areas, we see hungry people on the streets everyday and it’s hard to look the other way.

Every once a week Hope for Every Heart we visit these communities in Uganda and Rwanda.

Over 4,000 people were fed during the lockdown:

Uganda’s stay at home order to contain the spread of the novel corona-virus left some urban residents fearful that they will die of hunger rather than the virus.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni had issued clear rules: stay at home unless it is an emergency. With his directive, he stopped all passenger service and private vehicles and imposed a curfew from 7pm. until 6:30am, which effectively makes the stay at home order mandatory.

We were providing, A BAG OF RICE, A BAG OF MAIZE FLOUR, A BAG OF BEANS, BAR OF SOAP AND SUGAR. This way, we happened to feed more than 4000 people during lockdown in the different communities of Uganda.

With this Hope for Every Heart Ministries, we will be organizing outreaches so that we can give hope to the less privileged.

Any donation of any size is literally a lifesaving miracle and a blessing to these communities.

With a $200 Donation, you can provide household items to 100 people every month!

Any donation at this point, will be considered as a Celebration of a lifetime!




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Maize Flour


Box of Soup


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The Story

But most of Uganda’s urban residents are a hand -to- mouth lot. Literally, they live off their ability to make it to town centers every day. A slight disruption in this routine means people will go hungry at home.

During the previous lockdown between Uganda and Rwanda Hope For Every Heart managed to feed 1,000 families. It is estimated that over 7,000 people were given something to eat because in each family they are at least 5-7 people.

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